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The Right Gear For Your Winter Holiday Outdoor Adventure

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Beaver Creek or Heavenly Tahoe, it is only right that you pack the right gear and outfit, especially if you plan to go skiing for the entire duration of your tour. If you happen to be a beginner, learning the basics should be your priority before you take that trip down the slope. Wearing the proper gear is also important so you can maximise your skiing holiday.

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To prevent suffering from hypothermia, wearing clothing to protect you from the cold is crucial. Layering of clothes, preferably in threes is recommended. The first piece you need is the basic layer to keep you dry. Instead of donning a vest or a shirt that is made of cotton, pick thermal clothing intended for skiers. The perfect ones are those made from polypropene or polyester since they absorb a little amount of moisture.

The next layer is one that provides added insulation, such as clothes made of nylon. The third layer serves as the outer shell. You can choose between a breathable fabric that is water-resistant and a waterproof, non-breathable jacket. The former lets your perspiration out while keeping snow from getting in your apparel. The latter, on the other hand, is suitable for a rainy weather. Since you will be spending more time in lifts, an insulated jacket will keep you warm.

Another important gear is the helmet, which not only provides warmth but insulation as well. Head injuries from a slip should not be taken for granted, which is why you should choose one that is perfectly aligned and fitted to your head.

When it comes to ski gloves, think about comfort and warmth. Nylon and leather are good materials since they are breathable and provide good protection. A snug fit will keep your fingers warm and allow you to have control with the ski poles.